The team here at Northern Volks is committed to providing high quality European auto repair services for the entire Sunshine coast area. We offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services to keep your vehicle running at its very best. Whatever you need, we have the skill and equipment to get the job done correctly and quickly.
We provide the following services for virtually any make and model of European vehicle:
Logbook Servicing — Northern Volks in Warana, QLD

Logbook servicing


Maintenance is the key to keeping your car running smoothly for the long term. Logbook servicing is a proactive approach to maintenance, with regular inspections and small repairs designed to keep any issue in check, your vehicle should continue to run well.

These services ensure we catch small problems before they become big ones, which can be more difficult and costly to repair. We'll check serpentine belts and brake pads, inspect shock absorbers, change the oil and refill transmission fluid. We'll also help you develop a regular maintenance schedule to suit your specific car.
Man Running Diagnostics — Northern Volks in Warana, QLD



We offer a comprehensive engine diagnosis to establish any running faults. A diagnostic test is all about finding the cause of the problem. Our diagnostic process can find faults with your car’s engine, transmission, exhaust, brakes, fuel injection, overall performance and pretty much any other major component.
Brakes Repair — Northern Volks in Warana, QLD

Brakes and suspension


Your vehicle’s brakes and suspension keep you safe while you are on the road and help you to avoid an accident while driving. Our team provide comprehensive brake and suspension servicing to ensure your vehicle reaches its precise braking ability, as well as absorbing any shock whilst driving. We are experienced professionals and can advise our customers to have their brakes and suspension checked once a year, unless their vehicle is presenting concerning symptoms – in which case you should have your brakes and suspension checked immediately.
Engine Repairs — Northern Volks in Warana, QLD

Engine repairs and tuning


Along with major engine repairs, we can carry out regular tune-ups and filter checks to keep your engine running smoothly. Tune-ups ensure optimum performance, a well tuned car reduces fuel costs by running more economically.
Man Checking Car — Northern Volks in Warana, QLD

General repairs


Would you like to have your car thoroughly inspected to determine the condition? We recommend our general service plan which includes a 59-point service check sheet to ensure that all the important components in your vehicle are checked for safety and reliability.

Our general service includes:
  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Inspection of the spark plugs (non-platinum type)
  • Checking all the vehicle’s fluid levels and reporting on their condition
  • Complete suspension inspection
  • Brake inspection
  • And much more
After we've completed the inspection, we'll provide a cooy of the check sheet detailing our findings. We'll talk you through the report so you have a full understanding of other work that may need to be done soon and repairs to prepare for in the future.
Expert Fixing Automotive Engine — Northern Volks in Warana, QLD



Technology is a major aspect of any modern car and, for this reason it takes an expert to understand the sophisticated automotive technology. Our specialist team has approved knowledge and skills to inspect, diagnose, service and repair any European car using advanced automotive electronics.
Car Repair — Northern Volks in Warana, QLD

Engine overhaul


Car not running right? Perhaps if feels down on power or seems to be using too much fuel? Or maybe the Check Engine Light has illuminated?

Whatever your concern with the way your vehicle is running, our team can remedy the problem. Our business is renowned for repairing those hard to fix running issues. Most importantly we keep you in the loop the whole way through the diagnostic and repair procedure. Whatever we find, our Service Adviser will be in contact with you to explain where we are up to, what needs to be done and how much this may cost, prior to replacing any parts. Only with your consent will we replace parts
Air Conditioning — Northern Volks in Warana, QLD

Air conditioning


We are an authorised service centre for automotive air conditioning servicing. We provide full system inspections and repairs including major repairs that may need a strip out of the vehicle interior to access the failed component. Automotive climate control is complex, we use specific diagnostic equipment to identify the problem with your air conditioning.